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Tchouaffe Architects desing process



The following design guiding principles were developed when

Mr. Tchouaffé was presenting his thesis in Paris, France:



The Project, the finish product, is the cross-road of 2 axis.

The first axis is the cultural axis, which is defined by the program on one side and the background of the client on the other side.




The second axis is the economical axis, which is          defined by the location of the project on one side and the budget-at-hand on the other side.

Program, Background, Location and Budget are linked by the architectural idea or concept to be generated.

These design guiding principles are not the panacea but simply an effective process for achieving a good design.

Old And New_edited.jpg


We are committed to LISTENING carefully to our clients. It is important to allow the flow of information to come to us without interjections. It is necessary to absorb what the client’s needs are without any preconceived ideas. It is about giving the people who will ultimately use the future spaces, our full attention.

We will strive to UNDERSTANDING the background and the business model of our clients, the culture in which their thoughts are shaped, in order to deliver a project that is in sync with their vision.

Through research and experience, we will use our design expertise to DESIGNING thoughtful places. Places that help communicate emotions and connect people through the articulation and juxtaposition of spaces which constitute your world.


We believe Architecture is:

An art.
A science.
A business…

…the business of people’s pursuit of happiness with their built environment.

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