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About Michael Tchouaffe CEO/Principal Architect



Arch, MSUD 

Architectural Designer II + Urban Designer

As an architectural and urban designer at TCHOUAFFÉ ARCHITECTS INC., Mr. Beza Beza is responsible for creating plans and specifications for projects, ensuring they meet all relevant codes and regulations. His role also involves creating, adapting, or reviewing plans for the development, revitalization, or rebuilding of urban spaces.

Originally from Ethiopia, Mr. Beza moved to the United States in 1998, settling in San Diego, California. He attended Woodbury University, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2006. During his time in San Diego, Mr. Beza gained valuable experience working for MSI, collaborating on significant projects such as housing developments, shopping centers, schools, and high-rise buildings. To further his expertise in architecture, Mr. Beza relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue a Master of Science in Urban Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which he completed in 2011. Over the past decade, he has contributed to diverse projects both in the US and internationally.

Joining the TCHOUAFFÉ team in the summer of 2023 upon his return to Atlanta, Mr. Beza quickly immersed himself in various projects, with his first being the Hammonds House Museum in the West End neighborhood. Despite being relatively new to the company, he has demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a self-motivated approach to architectural design.

Mr. Beza's responsibilities encompass developing architectural design concepts, producing construction documents, and collaborating with various engineering disciplines during design development. He utilizes digital tools to create models, renderings, and animations to effectively communicate project proposals. Specializing in designing both high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings, Mr. Beza also possesses significant expertise in custom residential and commercial structures. His proficiency in creating digital models and renderings, coupled with exceptional graphic communication skills, enables him to collaborate effectively with project teams, clients, and consultants.

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